I should be posting this in Vintage BMX but have instead decided to host a quick Show and Tell for the thousands of loyal Lefty Limbo readers who peruse my site on a daily basis.

What you see is a classic icon of ’80s youth pop cultureā€”a 1980 Mongoose BMX bike. I adopted this gem from an old friend of mine whom I used to ride bikes with back in junior high. He sold it to me many years later (I think mid-’90s) at his garage sale which I just happened to stumble upon one Saturday morning. I can’t thank him enough for entrusting me with this awesome bike.

I’m hoping to get some input from Vintage BMX about how to get rid of some of the rust and oxidation which has appeared from years of storage. Perhaps I can get some input from some of the Limbo crowd first, eh?


The Mongoose BMX bike may have been iconic of my ’80s childhood, but the number plate adorned with prismatic stickers is a total throwback to the decade of rad. There is simply no substitute and no greater sign of the times. I clearly remember saving my allowance to go to the local bike shop to browse through the glass case of prismatic stickers. Doug (the original owner of this ‘goose) bought a lot of the same stickers I did. My favorite has got to be the FASTER YOU FOOL sticker. It’s like, as if someone is actually gonna turn around to read that and go, “Oh shit, I should speed up!” I especially like how it doesn’t have any punctuation at the end. This open-endedness makes it sound even more sinister. Of course, who can forget the “BMX RULES” sticker…it totally did. Then there’s the Playboy bunny sticker which was some kind of daring, rebellious move to slap onto your bike…like you actually looked at one at such an early, innocent age…lol…

1980 Mongoose numberplate

Equally impressive is the interior side of the number plate, decorated with even more great stickies. The Damn I’m Good! sticker is totally reminiscent of my youth, as well as the BMX Go For It one, with the rider in a crossed-up tabletop, which was pretty much the coup de grace of the day, if you could even find a jump which could launch you high enough!

I’m gonna have to dig through Ebay to find some replacement parts, such as the front reflector whose mount you see above. I’ll keep you posted on the progress…until then, enjoy…and share your own ’80s BMX pics with me if you have any. Thanks!

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