Yet another surprise summoned from the depths of my childhood home’s garage. A Weebles Tub Sub.

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles Tub Sub with Original Box

My brother actually found two of them, both in their original boxes (unfortunately, one was missing the see-thru dome and Weeble). My only guess is that my parents had these saved up as potential gifts for my younger brothers or relatives. The copyright date is listed as 1979 so I was too old for them. Nevertheless, the toy’s in superb shape for its age. It’s too bad the box hadn’t aged as well.

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles Tub Sub: See-Through Dome view

My favorite part of this toy sub is that hatch wheel atop the see-thru dome. The hatch wheel turns; it has no function in the opening and closing of the dome, but it’s the perfect finishing touch. I could totally see it making that characteristic squealing metal sound and opening the dome with that FSSSST! sound of sudden depressurization.

Weebles Tub Sub ©1979: Box Front

Totally dig the font for Weebles Tub Sub. Suuuper ’70s. And that Romper Room logo is always a classic.

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles Tub Sub

Weebles Tub Sub ©1979: Box Top Panel

Something about the word “Briny” immediately sends the taste of sea water and sand in my mouth. Ptoo.

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles Tub Sub: Rear right side view

Quite a find indeed. I actually had quite a few Weebles playsets growing up in the ’70s. They were fun, but nowhere near as fun as the Fisher-Price Adventure People playsets which I totally loved. One super favorite of mine was The Adventure People And Their Sea Explorer (#310), whose box back panel below is a treasured find in That ’70s Box, which by now desperately needs a blog of its own (there’s simply too much material in there!).

Fisher Price Adventure People: Sea Explorer

I would typically hold onto stuff like this, but I’ve decided to try to find this sub a new home where it will be loved and cared for by (hopefully) a true Weebles fan. Good luck!

Update Feb. 23, 2012: The new home’s been found. Congrats to the lucky recipient! =)

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