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When I was 12…in 1982

What better way to weave yet another nostalgic tale than to participate in

Invoke Soumai.

Now you too can be like Xaro and invoke Soumai the next time you have to resolve a critical decision. Works like a charm. Get yours today.

Thank you Boardpusher and Levi Huffman!

I’m beyond stoked after learning that I won’s Levi Huffman Deck Design Contest just a few minutes ago. There were tons of submissions from some talented folks out there, and for my board design to get picked is freakin’ awesome. So, much thanks to the Boardpusher staff and Levi Huffman, who’s gonna be posting...

Quality Time.

Last Sunday was the perfect day for flying kites and teaching my kid how to skate/scoot city concrete structures. Just wait until I build his board—then we’ll really have fun.

The League: Prized Possessions.

Man, those people at The League have got me going. First there was last week’s discussion of Holy Grails and White Whales, and now we’ve got to write about the most prized possession in our collection(s). Here we go: “What is the one item in your collection you would save if your house was being...

The League: Holy Grails and White Whales

Participating in The League of Extraordinary Bloggers has been totally awesome. For one, I get a chance to ramble on about total geek topics, and two, I get to meet others that are as geeky as I am. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling that could be likened to the feeling of that bumblebee girl in...

I Love Lefty Limbo: Skateboard Graphic

The very first board from Lefty Limbo’s Skate Shop has rolled off the production line, and it’s awesome! I was curious as to the print quality of custom graphics from Sometimes things sound too good to be true, and I’m happy to say that exceeded my expectations. The print came out exactly as...