PeeChee 1988-1

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. The Fiend had scanned in his Pee Chee folder from 1988 and it was just too classic to leave unnoticed. Actually this time it’s much more subtle than his Pee Chee folder from 1982 (no Typing Eraser!), but the band logos and decorative elements are super-reminiscent of the late ’80s Goth scene. The spiders and spider webs are the macabre icing on the cake. Dig the dimensional peace sign on the Pee Chee badge! There’s a lot to discuss here.

PeeChee 1988-2

Hoo boy, Gene Loves Jezebel? Man, I haven’t heard that name for ages! I notice The Fiend certainly has an eye for footwear. Hmm. Future shoe designer?

Aside from the great art, what’s really interesting is the strips of tape holding the battered Pee Chee folder together for all its worth. Pee Chees were totally cheap and easily replaceable, but it was very common for students to hang onto one folder for semesters or even years at a time, using (and abusing) them to the furthest extent, using whatever form of reinforcement (Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, stickers) they had at their disposal to keep the faithful folders together. Being made only of heavy card stock, the folders could only last so long, but often students held onto them until the very bitter end. The folder(s?) below are exemplary of this. By the way, if you browse the complete collection from the group, you’ll see how prevalent the makeshift binding/reinforcement really was.

Pee Chee Folder Art: Greetings From Seattle (front)
Pee Chee Folder Art: Thrashed

I’m hoping to start interviewing the owners of these classic Pee Chees to get some real insight into the art. There’s so many elements to discuss, that this will certainly be a very long—but surely interesting—process. Stay tuned!

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