Vintage Munch Bunch Pencil Toppers

Image via SanDiegoVintage on Etsy

2 Warps To Neptune and I have been playing retro-tag today, spawned by one of my past posts dealing with NFL Pencils and Spaceship erasers. Anyways, I’ve uncovered yet another gem that brings back the glorious days of my childhood—the Munch Bunch Pencil Toppers. I found these after getting into a long conversation about those old erasers with a co-worker of mine. Then, out of nowhere, he brought up “those weird and wacky pencil topper things…they were like, fruits and vegetables. But they weren’t erasers…they were like, hard rubber.”

Have you ever had a childhood memory hit you smack in the face, like a brick? But like, in an OMG totally awesome way? Well, that’s what happened when I remembered the freakin’ carrot, grape and corn characters that I used to have on top of my pencils in the ’70s. Of course, I had no idea what they were called, but a quick team Google brought them up in a matter of seconds. The Munch Bunch. What a name. What a memory. Man, and whoever scored that lot on Etsy is one lucky #@$@#$.

So. Top that, 2Warps! =D

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