Matchbox Sea Kings circa 1978

There are times when I wish I could reach into my computer monitor screen and grab whatever was on screen, bringing it back into my reality. This is one of those times. Thanks to Wishbook, who has the best, ridiculously extensive archive of ’70s catalogs and ads I’ve ever seen.

Matchbox Sea Kings circa 1978

Anyways, I had all of these except for K-302, K-305 and K-309, which I actually don’t remember seeing on the Fedco shelves, where my parents let me buy them. They were my favorite toys for quite a while, and were affordable enough that my mom or dad didn’t raise a brow when I dropped them in the cart. The ships were so well made and articulate. I even remember carefully trying to remove the little aircraft and/or helicopters from their positions so I could play with them. Ha. Yeah right.

Even the packaging was well done, showing the ships tearing ferociously through the ocean blue while a war-hardened seaman looks on.

The cool thing about these was they were rendered with a realistic waterline, which totally added to the illusion of them being “in water.” So freakin’ awesome.

Images via Wishbook

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